1955 M38A1 US Army Jeep, "Sarge"

What can I say about this old Jeep except that it turned out to be one of the most fun projects to date. What started out as a non-running 1955 M38A1 in rough olive drab green littered with bullet holes and mortar blasts of conflicts past, turned out to be a proudly restored war vehicle brimming with pride.

When this rough old guy was brought in I was nervous about what I would find, however once the original 24v electrical system was gone through (points, condenser, coil, rotor, cap, starter, wires, plugs and more), batteries charged, gas drained, carb, fuel pump and water pump replaced with correct NOS parts and a host of other things I'm forgetting it literally fired right up! Once we got it running we realized we had another problem on our hands - no brakes! So of course the entire brake system was trashed, replaced, filled, bled and pumped and Sarge was ready to roll...and now stop too.

We brought in the cosmetic big guns in painting and accenting every little piece that would add a unique post war/utilitarian vibe to it - yet while retaining the originality of its military roots.

I think we nailed it on this one and this ol war vet will live to see many more days to come thanks to its period correct restoration.