1966 Jeep CJ5, "Freddie"

Freddie was fun project - about the oldest one we've brought in house. I saw a lot of potential on this old guy and knew he was worth a second, third or fifth chance - who knows how many chances he has had being born in 1966. What I liked about Freddie was the rare factory color was still in tact - Spruce Tip Green - a wild looking vintage metallic green that screamed coolness.

Freddie was a numbers matching 1966 Kaiser Jeep CJ5 with the 134ci F-Head 4cy Hurricane Engine mated to the factory 3 speed. After addressing many cosmetic issues this Jeep was stripped, sealed, primed, painted, refreshed, reseated, recoated, redecal'd and re everything else you could imagine. I even scored a 1966 vintage license plate to go along with it - just to add that one finishing touch!

We were told this was a three owner Jeep that came out of the North Georgia mountains where it played outside most of its life (I believe it). After finishing it off I was sad to see it go. Another Jeep saved and off to a new home!