1977 Jeep CJ5, "Big Red"

Big Red was a fun project. This one came to me in a very funny way. For all of the thousands of miles I've traveled looking at Jeeps I only had to travel five minutes down the road for this one. Once I drove up on it I wasn't sure exactly what I was about to get myself into. It looked OK, but sometimes looks can kill - a wallet.

I dialed up the owner who said take it for a spin and if I liked it to just drive it home and he would call me to talk money. This was very strange, but it worked out nicely. The previous owner was tired of having it laying around and just wanted out. I offered up a small stack of $100 dollar bills and off he went.

258 I6
3 speed manual
72k original miles
AMC Firecracker original paint

This Jeep drove like it had led a privileged life for the last 35 years. The interior required a lot of work, but nothing out of the ordinary. Gauges, dash pad, grab bar, seats, shifter boots and a host of other items were restored or replaced with original pieces to keep it factory original. The engine was combed over and needed only a few items.

All said this was one of the quicker projects we took on in a while. Once all the work was done this vintage beauty was on a trailer to a new home within 12 hours! A new record for us here at Vintage Jeep Store.

Big Red will enjoy the rest of its days down in South Georgia - much better off now than when we found it.