1973 Jeep CJ5, "Ol Blue"

We found "Ol Blue" down in the sticks of south Georgia - we missed the driveway three or four times on the back roads looking for the address. When we finally found the dirt road the barn was about 1/4 of a mile back - it felt like forever.

As the bush cleared we came upon "Ol Blue" parked outside sitting on dry rotted tires begging for a new home and a new life. After some some tough negotiations with the owner we were able to save "Ol Blue" from a neglected past and give him a second chance at life.

304 V8
3 speed manual
Rare factory option 60/40 split bench seat
Original tub, dash and a host of other factory original parts

The restoration process on this one consisted of stripping the entire inside tub of surface rust and laying down primer and liner. We also needed to replace a host of gauges and interior knobs with factory original equipment. Next was a light engine overhaul to ensure everything was functioning in close to new condition. We followed that up with a brand new set of mud terrain tires and a coat of paint on the original wagon wheels. We installed a hidden amplifier in the glove box and wired up a Centrapod stereo system under the dash with an iPod / iPhone connection kit. We also installed a Bestop Supertop to keep the Jeep safe from future weather. Lastly we cut out and had the entire exhaust system replaced and refitted with true dual two chamber Flowmaster mufflers with turn-downs. This was the best sounding CJ we've had in the garage!

There were a few other odds and ends to make it just right and then Ol Blue was ready for the limelight. The CJ was looking so good that our buyer - who drove all the way from Alabama, didn't even take it for a test drive until he drove it up the trailer.

I guess it was love at first site.