1964 Jeep CJ5 Tuxedo Park Mark IV, "Tux"

This little ol Jeep was a gem of a collector's item - even in the original state rolled right out of the barn at which I found it in. Unless you are a Jeep-a-holic like myself - you will not know that this is one of the rarest Jeeps ever made. One of only 7,000 in history to be exact - and surely one of only a few hundred that still exist today. It's the only Jeep CJ to receive its own specific model designation - a Jeep CJ5-A, given only to the Tuxedo Park version of the CJ lines. This particular model was produced from 1964-1967 only.

When I came upon this Jeep it had been pulled out of a barn on a 55 acre property in Southwest Georgia. I can't even recall the name of the town it was in, but I do only recall seeing exactly ONE stop light! The Jeep was mostly all there. Well at least all there covered under tree sap, dirt and a half inch of grime on the entire exterior. After an enjoyable conversation with the owner about how he came about it and how long it had been in his family I strapped it up and hit the road.

More coming soon...